AS3 and Mouse Traps

So I was having a little shufty through the AS3 Language Reference at the weekend and I came across this in the class flash.display.Stage:

Event Summary
activate: The activate event occurs when Flash Player has gained OS focus and is becoming active.
deactivate: The Stage object generates the deactivate event when the Flash Player is losing operating system focus and is becoming inactive.
mouseLeave: The Stage object generates the mouseLeave event when the mouse pointer has moved out of the player window area.
resize: Flash Player dispatches the resize event when Stage.scaleMode is set to “noScale” and the SWF file has been resized.

Now this is quite pertinant at the moment as we are doing some drag, drop development and tracking when the mouse leaves the stage has always caused problems – “No events firing”, “Events firing but not registering” or just plain old “Sit there and look dumb”.

Mike Jones