In the nether time when Flash was young

While I was part of Spooky and the Bandit – don’t worry it was a long time ago…Myself and a good longstanding friend of mine were there mining at the face of Flash 24/7. After some time we both decided we wanted our own Flash orientated domains – I opted for FlashGen.Com and Dave opted for

So time passed and Dave, like most in London was semi-nomadic; moving from one rented property to the next. Unfortunately this caused a bit of an administrative hiccup and NetworkSolutions lost track of where on the planet he was. Leading to the fateful day when Oldskool was unmounted and immediately picked up by one of those loathsome search engine squatting companies. We’ll many years have passed and they have obviously got bored with the URL and dumped it back onto the market. Last Friday Dave and I were chatting over MSN when this happened:

[14:28] Dave: He waits thats what he does :D ……………………….
[14:52] Dave: (Link:
[14:52] Dave: :D
[15:15] Mike – At Work: You got it back?
[15:15] Dave: Yup :D
[15:15] Mike – At Work: Gratz m8
[15:16] Dave: Not loosing it agin, bought it for 10 years :D
[15:16] Mike – At Work: Hahahaha
[15:17] Mike – At Work: That is such great news!!!!!!
[15:17] Dave: Yeah, pretty chuffed about it.
[15:17] Mike – At Work: :D
[15:18] Mike – At Work: Too cool
[15:18] Dave: already sorted out my mail boxes and stuff too. going to dig up some of the old files from archives and see what assests i can get out of them :D
[15:19] Mike – At Work: coolio

So may I be one of the first to congratulate Dave on a finally getting Oldskool back :P

Gratz m8!

Mike Jones