Live again….

Well it’s not all roses I have to say, my day job has kept FlashGen.Com as a ‘one page image wonder’ for the past 5 years – God has it been that long :(. Anyway – for those who don’t remember FG, here’s a brief summary :-

    Launched in 1998 it was the central point for all information regarding Macromedia’s Generator server products.
    A place where I could experiment with new concepts and idea.
    Bag loads of tutorials on Flash and backend integration.

So what is FlashGen.Com going to be now???
Well I’ve been knee deep in component development for my latest company, so expect a few tutorials on that as well as a load of Flex related info and files – let’s not forget files – I’ll be posting quite a few files up too.

Anyway as this is the first post I’ll keep it short and sweet


Mike Jones