Very cool SFF Gaming rig

OK, so if my spare time I tend to play the odd game or two online. So imagine my bank accounts surprise when I saw the previews of this earlier on this year. No if you’re a SFF, that’s Small Form Factor to those in the dark, fan then this is right up your alley – especially if you’re a gamer to boot :P

So what’s so special about the new Shuttle SN26P? Well it has SLi support – yup somehow they have managed to get TWO, count them, two nvidia 7800GTX cards into this tiny – well smallish – box.

Games like Quake 4, Half-Life2 and F.E.A.R will never look the same again – plus no need to hobble the settigs when playing DM online :P

Now all I need to do is squirrel the cash away for one of these fully loaded :D

Mike Jones