AS3 context menu controls – !about Macromedia

OK, so this may or may not affect a lot of people but it was always a bit of an issue with clients that if the user ‘right clicks’ and the context menu displays – no matter how much you wanted to disable it – it would always show the ‘about Macromedia Flash Player X.x’ link. Well it seems nearly 10 years on Macromedia have finally provided us with the same functionality that Director has had for years.

Yes, we can finally fully construct the context menu! (well except the Settings menu entry). So I for one am a happy bunny :D

For those who want to play about with this check out the example code in the AS3 alpha livedocs.

Mike Jones


  1. it would be great if it actually worked ;-)

    the sample in the livedocs only shows the normal “edit” menu since the TextField takes up the entire MovieClip area (though if you right-click outside the mc then on the border of the mc, you’ll get the normal context menu with the custom item).

    if you comment out creating the TextField and just leave the MovieClip, the clip does have the new, custom menu item along with Settings… AND Print, About, Debugger, etc… it is simply missing the Zoom and Quality menu items… not just Settings as the docs say.

    perhaps this will be fixed in a later build?

    even still, the Settings dialog still has multiple buttons that open external browser windows – a super annoyance in secured environments where users shouldn’t be able to randomly open browsers. which means we still have to write Javascript hacks to capture right-clicks… :-(


    ps – you might want to put something somewhere that says that you have to be logged in to post a comment… i didn’t notice the “login” button at the top until i tried posting this the first time. then i, uhm, “temporarily” registered just to post this. but registration takes you to a weird WordPress page that i had to hunt to find how to get back to this post just to be able to put a comment in! icky messy. :-(

  2. Thanks for the heads up over the registration – I *thought* I’d turned it off for comments – well it is off now :) So posting no longer requires you to register to post comments.

  3. The page removed from Adobe website. Can you please email me the codes?
    my ID is reenku @ gmail.com

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