AS2 Component Development – Beginnings

So how do you actually make a component in Flash MX2004 / 8 utilizing actionscript 2.0?

Well the answer is fairly simple to give, but does open up a plethora of questions… Flash components are formed of two distinct parts:

  • The Class file
  • The Component clip

The Class file must have the same name as the component clip. Therefore if we were making a component called ExampleBox, our component clip would be called ExampleBox as would our class. This does not mean that there can only be one class per component, as with all classes we can instantiate instances of other imported classes within our component class to do specific tasks. As we move further into component development you’ll see that it makes design sense to use specific classes to deal with specific requirements.

To read the first part in a series of articles read on…


Mike Jones


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