Gnash-ing at the bit

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) have announced the addition of Gnash, the GNU Flash movie player and Firefox plugin to the GNU Licensing Programme (GPL).

The release continues:

“Gnash is a project to build a SWF version 7 compliant flash player with high-quality imaging. It is the most advanced free flash player that currently exists, and an important addition to the GNU project. The release of Gnash represents the achievement of one of the free software movement’s high priority projects (see”

According to Rob Savoye – Gnash’s maintainer:

“Right now Gnash is playing more movies than any of the other free players. All ActionScript classes exist and work, but not all the methods of each class are fully implemented. With a few more developers, it could be reasonably complete in a few months.”

Rob has put a call out for more developers to get involved to push this project further – if you’re interested in finding out more about Gnash head over to the main Gnash site

Mike Jones