Silktide site analyzer – fact, folly or just for fun?

I’m personally not really bothered too much if my blog isn’t quite upto everyone elses standards. After all it’s mine :P and I can do what I like with it. However over a coffee and an MSN with my good friend Macca he mentioned a site called Silktide, according to their strap line they are “The web development experts”. Now that is always a debateable and contentious point to make, but I’m not posting about whether they are or aren’t I was more interested in the button that Macca had on his site from them.

It turns out they have a free reporting tool on their site (right hand site of the homepage) that “tests” to see how well you site conforms to various standards and it’s overall quality – again take it with a pinch of salt :P. So always up for a challenge I submitted my blog just to see what was right, wrong and just plain broken. Well to cut to the chase I currently have a rating of 7.8 (the button is on the bottom right in my sidebar – click on it if you want to see how I faired).

So if you want to see if your blog is the “dog’s” or just a “dog’s breakfast” pop over and give a go – if nothing else it’s worth five minutes of your coffee break and it could even help you tweak your site in areas you weren’t aware it was failing on :)

Remember, as with all things on the web “…they may appear further away than they actually are” :P

Mike Jones