You cannot drag document tabs – Yes you can.

I was getting a bit frustrated at work the other day – I had a problem that just wasn’t getting solved and I had far too many documents open in Flash 8, so using the silly little arrows to move between all of them was just compounding my ill-tempter. That is until I discovered you can drag them :D.

It kind of obvious how you do this – just focus the document tab and ‘click hold’ and drag it – sweet! My seething level started to subside.

Now I wasn’t going to post this as I suspect it was already detailed in the Flash 8 help file and it is…but the help docs stipulate that you cannot drag the tabs – so I feel this needs to be updated :P

Using Flash
Working with Flash Documents > Using document tabs for multiple documents

Using document tabs for multiple documents

When you open multiple documents, tabs at the top of the Document window identify the open documents and let you easily navigate among them. Tabs appear only when documents are maximized in the Document window.

To make a document active, you click its tab. By default, tabs appear in the order in which the documents were created. You cannot drag tabs to change their order.

I’ve submitted a comment to the LiveDocs so hopefully the documents team will update this soon.

Mike Jones

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  1. Just to update this the LiveDocs will be updated at some point as there is a bug (157307) filed against this ommission fo hopefully if they release a document update it will correct it then.

    In the interim I would suspect that the LiveDocs will get updated first so…

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