We came, we saw, we drank….Adobe Party aftermath.

I couldn’t up these images ‘live’ last night as I was a trifle worse for wear :P and as I got up at ‘stoopid’ o’clock this morning after only getting about 2.5 hours sleep I suspect the typo count will start piling up as I progress. However for those interested here are a few photos from the Adobe Launch party last night in London.

So without further ado, here are the shots – click for larger images, I’ve added a few comments to set the scene.

Our little corner of the room
So within a few minutes we had managed to make ourselves at home.

Rich and Sean's response to the presentation...
Rich and Sean are overcome by the power of the presentation they have just witnessed. In fact for a few minutes afterwards Sean communed solely in tongues.

I win!
We decided to have a ‘looking hard’ contest. I feel I won, but Sean was a close second :P

Dave looks horrified
Dave tries to hide his shock at the news that his copy of the new Adobe Creative Suite Production Studio was indeed fake!

And here is a real one
Rich on the other hand is happy with his copy. In case you’re really interested they were sweets. Suite, sweet – get it…no we didn’t laugh much either :D. Obviously this wouldn’t have worked in the US unless Adobe renamed their bundles ‘Creative Candy’…

Look at my hat
Sean tries to walk off with a chandelier disguised as a hat.

More beer?
By this point we’d been going at it for almost 4 hours straight, but signs of weakening were showing on Daves face. Rich shouted words of encouragement to push past the pain.

Look behid you
Sean and Grant look concerned about something behind me. For my own safety I refused to look round. Come to think of it Sean does seem to have managed to sneak into most of these photos…

And who are you?
I’m not sure what Tink was asking, but come to think of it I don’t think the Adobe marketing bod did either.

You're my besht buddieeeee
However the aforementioned Adobe marketing bod did take a shine to Sean – or is that just beer talk?

I am you know
Rich L demonstrates his fanatastic alcohol recovery skills. He’s very very drunk! (Guy keeps a steady pace in the background).

No I'm not
Taaadaaaa – Hold on a second – No he isn’t! (Round of applause).

We're too sexy for your gig
We all agree that the venue is too small and decide to form a splinter group to discuss the new Adobe products.

and suddenly I was taken drunk...
Unfortunately the best laid plans cannot take into concideration an attacked of ‘being drunk’. Or maybe I’m being clever and attempting to simulate my vision at that point :)

So as you can see we did go, we did observe and we definately drank! Now all I need to do is trade my head with someone else for the day as it’s killing me :P

Mike Jones


  1. Hey Mike — it was great seeing you guys there. For a moment I thought I was going to be the only Flasher in the village (bada-boom-bada-bing!) See you at the MMUG! :)

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