62 into 46 – More AS 2.0 component madness

I have to thank Charlie Skinner in the office for blowing his stack over this one the other day :P – Not very good finding a ‘feature’ like this in Flash 8 (and I’ll assume MX2004), when trying to learn about component development in AS2.0.

It appears there is a minor inconsistancy with the amount of characters that can be put in the Linkage AS 2.0 class field and the Component Definitions AS 2.0 class field – to the tune of 16 – Yes SIXTEEN characters!!! Of course we are talking about the titular 46 (Linkage) and 62 (Component Definition) characters in length here so you do have some room for manoeuvre.

So word to the wise – make sure your package and class names are of a reasonable length…

Mike Jones


  1. Actually, it’s 64 for linkage, and varies for classes. I couldn’t get Adobe a good reproducible test case because apparenlty it depends on folders, and length of class names… so, I maxed at 71.

    Apparently, Flex doesn’t have this problem with linkages since it generates a unique hash number for embeds, but not sure how the hell mxmlc gets around the classpath length…..

  2. Thanks for the update Jesse – I did a quick test to get the initial figures of 62 / 46 (which was a string of ‘w’). It’s funny that it varies though based on what characters / folders are used….

    I was aware that Flex doesn’t suffer from this – Hopefully it’ll get sorted in Blaze too

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