FABridge – Flex / Flash Ajax Bridge

I got to see this in action shortly after it was posted to the labs on Tuesday night. Beau ran through some examples at SFMMUF and I have to say what I saw was very interesting. Once I get back to the UK I intend to give this a really good hammering – so I should have a few examples to post up then.

I didn’t see all the example files we were shown on Tuesday night on labs but I am sure they are there (I haven’t downloaded it yet). If you can find it check out the Flickr carousel example, very neat :D

It reminds me of some of the Javascript ‘hacking’ I’ve done in the past to get values into and out of Flash. This however is on a far more functional level – after all a hack is still a hack regardles of its elegance.

Note to self – make sure you press PUBLISH so posts go up when they are supposed to :P

Mike Jones


  1. I just posted the carousel example last night:
    Flex Ajax Bridge: Flickr Roulette
    And the rest of the examples that Beau probably showed are posted here:
    Flex and Ajax: So Happy Together


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