The Balthaser patent rumbles on….

Well it seems that Neil Balthaser’s “RMA” patent is gathering a few newslines in Australia at the moment (I suspect it sits well with WebDU going on this week etc etc). My good friend and long time development partner Dave Williamson has had an article he posted syndicated over there in regards to this very topic. I appear to have a nice link through from it so it seems only fitting that I at least post something related to the topic.

I’m not going to take up a large proportion of space to go into great detail – that I will leave for the information over at OSFlash.org. I do feel that this patent will prove a bit of a thorn to web application development and will likely be contested. There is a general feeling from quite a few ‘old skool’ developers that there is prior art out on the web but collating it will be a hurdle to cross if this patent is to be sucessfully revoked.

We shall just have to watch this space and see how it moves forward – let us hope this doesn’t descend into another Eolas, or Forgent, or….

Mike Jones

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