Component Development at London MMUG

Well I sure most of the regulars at the London MMUG already know about this, but for those who don’t, and those who have never attended the monthly meeting. I will be giving a talk on developing Flash 8 components at this months London MMUG (Thursday April 20th).

As my blurb goes, if you use components, would like to use components, or more importantly, want to extend or create your own components then come on down and listen to me wax lyrical about all things component based. Don’t be put off if it sounds a bit too ‘developer-ish’ as it does cater for those Flashers who just want to ‘drag, drop and go’.

Don’t forget we head to the pub afterwards so you can always grab me there if you have any specific questions.

Hope to see you on the 20th April from 18:30 onwards :D

Mike Jones


  1. Are your components back-compatible with Flash 6? Will you be teaching about the black-magic that is clipParameters etc, or is this is higher level exercise in extending UIObject?

  2. I won’t be dealing with backward compatibility to Flash MX. As for clipParameters, I’ll try and squeeze in something about it, but I won’t be going into too much detail on it for this specific talk.

    If it goes well and people are interested I may see if I can do a follow up set of talk(s) covering off those types of topics: clipParameters, meta data, scoped event dispatching, bindings and of course skinning, we’ll have to see though

  3. Hi Mike,

    is it worth me coming? Or will it be horibly Flash geeky?

  4. No it is a good bash worth attending if for nothing else but the social afterwards in the pub – but the talks are usually top (no bragging heheh). Plus you never know you may enjoy the ‘Flash geekery’ LOL

  5. I don’t much of this deep flash geekery, i’m a surface level kind of guy. But maybe we can discuss our very cool upcoming Flex project and show you the “WinBookPro” ;-)

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