FGButton component ‘finally’ available

I realised last night (by ‘realised’ I mean someone pointed out – Stefan :P). That I hadn’t posted up an actual component based on my earlier post about adding rollOver and rollOut events to the Button component.

So to rectify this I have uploaded the MXP to the downloads section so those of you who would like to use it feel free to grab a copy.

If you have any questions regarding this component, component development or components in general you can always sign up for the Flash Components mailing list

Mike Jones


  1. Can you please provide an example of how to import the FGButton component and if possible a sample file as a guide? Thanks!

  2. Nathan, all the information, the class and SWC as well as an example are in the MXP (zipped) that is available in the downloads section.

    If you wanted to import the component via code, you need to make sure the component is in the library then just use a standard import:

    import com.flashgen.components.FGButton

    All of my classes are installed by default in the Classes folder so you shouldn’t have an issue with providing the path to them.


  3. Hi there – I was trying to download the component (roll over and out for components) – and I get a corrupted zip file when trying to expand…

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