Buttons, buttons

Macromedia Get Flash Button I just spotted an odd thing on the Adobe site – all the old Macromedia products still have their Macromedia ‘Get’ or ‘Made with…’ buttons. So I thought I’d grab a set before they all get switched over to Adobe buttons. In case anyone else wants to grab a set for archiving you can grab them here.

In case you haven’t seen the current full set here they are

Macromedia Updated with Contribute 3 Button  Macromedia Get Flash Button  Macromedia Get Shockwave Button  Macromedia Get Authorwave Button
Macromedia Made with Freehand 10 Button  Macromedia Made with Director MX Button  Macromedia Made with Dreamweaver MX Button  Macromedia Made with Flash MX Button  Macromedia Made with Fireworks MX Button  Macromedia Made with Studio MX Button
  Macromedia Made with Freehand 10 Button  Macromedia Made with Studio MX Button

I’d love to get a complete set so if JD or any of the other ex-Macromedians have access to the complete range from Flash 1.0b and beyond please mail me a set and I’ll post them up here

Mike Jones


  1. Cheers Erki, I’ve been going through the Macromedia archives on the Wayback machine too and have buttons for Shockwave and Flash, as well as others), circa 1998, 1999, 2000 (thanks to you). I’m going to hunt down the 2003 – onwards as this will cover off MX2004. I have to say though that looking at the archives it’s like a trip down memory lane.

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