Intel Mac Flash Player 9 update

Just read on Emmy Huang’s blog (Product Manager for Flash Player at Adobe) a Flash player double whammy…

The intel Mac player is on its way:

Q. When will I be able to install Flash Player 9 on my Intel-based Mac?
A. We are working on getting a public beta version of a universal binary Flash Player 9 out this week (!!) for testing. It hasn’t been fully optimized yet, but QA says the performance seems pretty good. No promises on the public beta live date, but it’s a goal we’re working towards. Hey, I did say it was a mini-sneak. ;-)

And to add to this we have additional information about the Linux player…

Q. Seriously, when will we see the Linux public beta?
A. We’re close. See previous question on the topic.

Good going guys – keep it coming :D And if you need a tester for either of these players count me in :P

Mike Jones