Universal-ly annoying – Mactel Flash player 9

Well I have to say that my Intel iMac at work is great and I look forward to the 64bit Macbook Pro’s coming out in September so I can grab one for myself. However all is not sweetness and light in my new garden of Apple when it comes to development. Not only do Mac users not have a Flex 2 Builder, but us Mactel users don’t even have a universal binary of the Flash 9 player :(

Hopefully this will be rectified by the end of this month when according to rumor and speculation Flex 2 will be officially released. The thing I really don’t get though is why on the Flash player 8 preview page for Mactel machines it says that the universal version will be released

Adobe plans to support the new Intel-based Macs with Flash Player 9, after the initial release of the Windows and PowerPC-based Mac versions.

Come on Adobe spread the Flash player 9 love a bit further sooner rather than later. I know I can bootcamp my machine or use Parallels Desktop for Mac but I don’t want to – I’d just like a universal player and preferably on the same day that the Windows and PowerPC Mac Flash 9 players are officially released. If not it feels more and more like Mactel’s are the bastard cousins of Linux and are set to be treated in the same manner when it comes to player releases. I doubt this is the case, but you get my gist…

Mike Jones


  1. I feel for you, but from all I’ve seen the existing Mac and Win codebases will indeed get updated first, and won’t be held up for the new coding efforts for Intel Macs and Linux. The newer platforms are on the way, but the majority platforms are faster to complete and won’t be delayed, sorry.

    Once we get past this cycle, with its porting of development tools before code can be ported, then I think things will move a bit more smoothly on Macs. That knowledge is no real help during this introductory period, though, I realize. :(


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