Can you help the 10th anniversary of Flash

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Flash Adobe wish to showcase work from various developers and development houses. To this end I need your help. While part of Spooky and the Bandit, myself, Dave Williamson, Alex Burrows and Sam Safi produced some stella work (nothing like modesty :P). A lot of you pre Flash 5-ers will probably remember quite a bit of it, some of you post Flash 5-ers may have heard about it.

To this end we are looking for contacts inside the following organizations to allow this work to be shown again for a limited time only as part of the Flash 10th anniversary celebrations. So if you are or know anyone who is part of the following:

  • BBC Education (online)
  • BT Education (online)

The work in question is:

BBC Education Medicine through time (1998, Flash 3).
BT Education TimeTrek (1998, Flash 3)

Please get in touch ASAP as we need to get your permission to display these great examples of earlier commercial Flash work. To contact me, either leave a comment (these will remain private so feel free to leave contact details). Or send me an email at the following address:

flash_anniversaryATflashgenDOTcom (obviously replacing the bold text with the relevant symbols).

Dave has the same shout ou with some additional information here

Thank you in advance


2 comments for “Can you help the 10th anniversary of Flash”

  1. Flash will turn the big One Zero (Happy 10th Birthday)…

    Flash will officially be 10 years young on Wednesday, August 9, 2006. It just happens that it will be around my own birthday. Now I am a little older than 10 years but time sure does fly by.
    Well I decided to provide a link to one of my first Flash…

    Posted by Renaun Erickson | July 28, 2006, 07:21
  2. according to the FWA website, they are running a poll with Adobe for the best Flash sites since 1996.

    In FWA’s news they have a link today to http://www.thefwa.com/flash10/

    Posted by nick | August 1, 2006, 06:13

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