What do you do after 10 years as a Flash developer?

I’m not sure – so tonight myself and Dave Williamson (Bittube.com) intend to ensconce ourselves in a bar and discuss exactly that. I mean careerwise I know mine and Dave’s paths have twisted and turned but we are always operating around the Flash platform so it will be interesting to see if we still agree on all things Flash or have conflicting viewpoints. You may, at this point, be wondering why we have decided to do this (the title is a bit of a giveaway really).

Dave and myself have been ‘flashing’ since late 1996. So for the 10th anniversary of Flash we thought we’d put together our ‘Flash Memoirs’ over the past 10 years. A Lot of things have changed – developers, sites and technologies have come and gone. However the ‘heart’ of Flash still seems to remain the same.

I hope too much beer and sentiment don’t cloud our get together. Actually I don’t think you can have ‘too much’ beer can you? :P

Mike Jones


  1. Too much beer? Never!
    But then, I’ve hit the 10 year flash anniversary myself, so maybe we are both warped :-)

  2. I think we need to get Adobe to get all the 10th anniversary Flashers together at a party hosted by them :P

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