No longer a bona fide Londoner

Regular visitors to my blog will have no doubt noticed it has been down for a few days (well almost a week actually). This because I have moved house. I no longer live in a studio apartment in London’s East end. I am now the proud owner of a detached house in the leafy town of Haslemere (about one hour south of London as the train crawls). I still work in London, Covent garden as it happens so the commute is just the right length. I do get a seat so I can code to my hearts content on the journey in to work each day.

The reason the site has been down is that I have the server in my adobe and therefore had to migrate all my IPs etc over to my new address. Suffice it to say I was hoping for a painless transition once the DSL was up. Imagine my horror to boot the server up and have it throw a thousand fits – much fsck-ing later and a quick reboot and up she came (are servers female like ships???).

So this not so illustrious post is from my new lounge, across my new network on my new-ish Macbook Pro. GET IN THERE :D

Trouble is that I won’t get to enjoy it directly – I’m off to New York on business tomorrow and won’t be back until the weekend. Still at least my girlfriend can use it to work from home on…


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