Flash 10th Anniversary T-Shirt

Well after spending the week on business in New Jersey, in a quiet and pleasent place called Hackettstown. I returned to the UK ready for another week in the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden, central London. Imagine my surprise and delight to discover I had a package waiting for me that I hadn’t ordered nor was it business related. It was infact another great gift from Adobe, a 10th anniversary t-shirt, SWEET!

I have to admit I did suggest a color scheme similar to that for the tee – I proposed a blue tee with brown text, so feel free to blame me if you don’t like the colors as it appears my suggestions were noted :)

Anyhoo here are the obligatory pics

Flash 10th Anniversary T-Shirt (Front)

Flash 10th Anniversary T-Shirt (Back)

Excuse the color and quality I just snapped them with my phone and ‘upped’ them.

Mike Jones


  1. Sean, if you had a t-shirt with that written on it the police would have you in the cells within minutes :p

  2. For Flash’s 15th Birthday you should print:


    on the shirt s (the “Æ’” being the Flash logo)… It would make a nice pun.

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