My Flash on the Beach schedule

Well with a little under 3 weeks to go I thought I’d join the rest of the presenters in listing down who and what I’m looking forward to attending. I’ve hopped about a bit but as you can see the majority of it covers new or emerging technology and concepts. Having been in this game for 11 years (10 doing Flash) I’m not the easiest to please. My mother puts this down to “being highly strung as a child..”, I personally put i down to being anal.


11:00 Craig Swann
..and now for something completely different.

13:30 Mike Chambers OR…
Understanding Apollo

13:30 Branden Hall
Explorations with ActionScript 3

15:00 Adobe
Town Hall Meeting

16:30 Mark Anders
Create Unique User Experiences With Custom Flex Components


09:30 Me (Kinda important I go to this one… :p)
The Devil is in the detail

11:00 Joey Lott
Actionscript 3.0 Design Patterns

13:30 Rich Shupe
Vecmaps and Bitters

15:00 Keith Peters
Actionscript 3.0 for Animation

16:30 Francis Bourre
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Game Development But Were Afraid to Ask


9:30 Geoff Stearns
Flash in a Web 2.0 world

11:00 Sascha Wolter
Enterprise Flash

13:30 Folkert Gorter
Tools for Evolution

15:00 Todd Purgason
What was Your Name again?

16:30 Mario Klingemann
Mashup Baby!

If you don’t see me in a few of these I suspect I will be at the bar “resting up” :p

Mike Jones