Flash on the Beach Day 1

Well in a little over 8 hours I’ll be giving my talk on Flex 2 and Actionscript 3.0 component development. However as I sit here going over my slides and sample files I thought I’d put up a quick post regarding todays events.

Firstly though I have to say a MASSIVE congratulations to John Davey for organising a superb conference. I’ve been chatting to quite a few other speakers and it seems unanimous that this is one of the best events for a very long time. With that I wanted to write about day 1 of Flash on the Beach 2006…

So who was talking today?
Well I managed to catch Craig Swann’s talk, that was a really great presentation and set the bench mark of things to come. After meeting up with Mike Chambers in Sf a week or so ago I decided to catch Branden’s session instead. Another big hitter and yet again , another high quality presentation – The day just seemed to be getting better and better.

After a bit of a train wreck of a lunchtime – due to the pub we visited for food proving it waqs incapable of the simplest of orders, we headed back to the event and I poppped into the Adobe Townhall discussion. I caught up with Mark, Mike and Mike briefly before it started. It’s weird, my office has an abundance of Tom’s and it appears that the conference has the equivalent in Mike’s.. :p

Finally after grabbing a quick drink during the break it was off to catch up with Mark again as he did a Flex 2 demonstration (based on Ely Greenfield’s session at MAX this year). It was getting a bit hot in the auditorium as there was a large gathering of attendees.

After that most of the presenters got together and went out for dinner, then on to the FotB ice breaker party. As my talk is at 9:30am Tuesday I skipped that asnd cme back to review my slides as I mentioned at the beginning of the post.

So if you’re here – I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am. If you oldn’t make it – don’t worry as I’m sure there will be a lot of posts over the next few days from quite a few people (Tink, Keith Peters, Aral, Rich Leggett etc). On that note I’m gonna crash, have a good one and I’ll see some of you tomorrow :p

Mike Jones

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  1. Absolutely. If day one is any indication, best Flash conference I’ve been to. Now Tuesday night, we’ll both be done with our talks, and see what kind of party Adobe can put on!

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