Flash on the Beach Day 2

So after getting 5 hours sleep I work early to make sure I had all of my stuff for my talk. Bleary eyed I went to grab my double edged razor out of my wash bag to have a shave and promptly filleted my middle finger on my left hand :S (Not good, especially if you’re left handed like I am). Was this the shape of things to come today…

So I was on at 9:30am, the turn out was good considering I was ‘up against’ Brendan Dawes, I started a bit slow but started to warm up, but as I did I got the feeling I was finally starting to come down with the bug I had been carrying around like luggage for the past week. Still I think it went down OK.

Didn’t get a chance to see Joey or Keith’s sessions as I was continuing to feel rough, but I did get to see the Microsoft Expression Blend demonstration. This looks like it could go somewhere in future versions but to position it as a designer tool in their presentations but only produce it for Windows could cost them in future sales. I know a lot of designers use Windows but design territory is generally the realm of Apple… I’m looking forward to seeing what people do with it once the product is released and as it matures though.

The chickens have defeated me :(I also met up with Sascha Wolter, Carlo Blatz and Marc Thiele. Along with Jolyon Russ we headed off to a place on the front called Varsity (as it had free wifi :p). The food they served there was incredible, I had a dish called ‘A dirty pair of birds’ which was basically the breasts of 2 smallish chickens placed on top of a mound of baked beans and chips, then smothered in gravy. Carlo took a picture so I’m sure it’s up on flickr, one was!

Here’s Marc’s photo of me admitting defeat at the amount of food… Check out his entire set of FotB photos on flickr

After lunch I managed to catch up with a few ex-Macromedians I hadn’t seen for quite a while, but in the end my body just said rest up. So I’m back at my hotel trying to rest up before the Adobe party tonight. Depending on how I’m feeling though will dictate how long I stay out tonight.

Mike Jones