IMXMLObject “Issues”

As per my last post regarding IMXMLObject I noticed a few incoonsistancies and was wondering if anyone else had come across these; or if anyone at Adobe waas aware of these and had a workaround / reason it behaves in this manner.

For those who have not read my initial post, I was looking at IMXMLObject for the creation of truly bespoke MXML components. In doing so a few issues arose.

Design view
It appears that if you switch to design view it errors about the root item being undeclared.

An unknown item is declared as the root of your MXML document. Switch to source mode to correct it.

New > MXML Component
If you chose New > MXML Component. There is a drop down that allows you to chose the component you want to extend your component from. To my mind if you can create a bespoke component via IMXMLObject it would have made more sense to add the option of Object, or IMXMLObject even :p, from the dropdown and have the code generate from that. I can understand why it isn’t in there. However it does limit the usefulness of the new MXML Component option to that of just components extended from UIComponent – which, as it happens means any components in the project you have extended from UIComponent or below.

It’s a minor thing but it would have been nice to keep them all together.

Mike Jones


  1. Thanks Matt, I know they aren’t really show stoppers.

    The main reason I posted them was from a usability perspective. Plus I always have to explain this inconsistency when presenting Flex component demonstrations as it can cause confusion for developers as they explore Flex component development.

  2. Just today I downloaded the Flex Builder 2 and started working with it.
    I followed the tutoial and got the same error.
    “An unknown item is declared as the root of your MXML document. Switch to source mode to correct it.”..
    What ever MXML code I put into the editor, I am still getting the same error.
    I am unable to proceed.
    Please guide me on this issue.

    Also can some one recommend me some pdf’s or nice articles where I can learn to code. FYI, I have already worken with Ruby On Rails for about 10 months and thats where I got the interest in this Flex 2.

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