Picnik – Another Image Editing RIA

Hot on the heels of Fauxto, we have another photo editing RIA. Again built in Flash (although more likely Flex). Picnik allows you to upload images and perform various functions upon them via the “Edit” tab: Cropping, resizing, red-eye, color and rotating.

Picnik - Default page

There is an additional tab “Creative Tools” which looks like it has potential. Currently only the Special effects entry is active and this just allows you to add global effects to your image, like Black & White, Vignette, Soften etc.

It doesn’t look like Photoshop, which is refreshing The interface has a, in the nicest possible way, Fisher Price look and feel. So it will be ideal for those that are not super techincal (I shall test this theory on my mother) and are used to sites like Flickr (there is an option to link it to your Flickr account).

All in all this looks like a very promising application given it’s Web 2.0 ‘beta’ status :p. It makes me wonder how many of these style apps will be migrated (read exported :p) to Apollo once it is released…

Mike Jones