What is in Adobe’s box???

Well I received a fairly cryptic email from Adobe UK on Friday. Regarding a box that I, and two as yet unidentified colleagues in my office, will be receiving (note this is the same box sent to 3 named individuals). So what’s in the box? To be honest I do know but I can’t say – but it is pretty cool. I’ve put the actual mail below for those who wish to see it.

What is in the box

If you’re still intrigued you can check out the site that the email linked to here: What is in the box.
Spin the box and you’ll find a submission section where you can sign up and see if you will get “the box” as it travels around. (FYI this is a UK event only though by the looks of it)

Mike Jones


  1. I’m jealous that it’s only for UK. But then again, if they tried a campaign like that in the US, especially Boston, it would probably be determined as a bomb threat. I’d be arrested and the box would be “detonated” with a water cannon.

  2. Keith: Sad but probably true.

    Well, here’s to hope it’s CS3 indeed. I hope we get some more info on that.

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