The Box – Opened

Ooop, I’ve been so busy for the past month or so that I totally forgot to post the images of what was actually in Adobe’s “Box”. Apologies for the lateness and for some a bit of an anticlimax (or is it…. *in my best Dr Evil pose*)

As you can see by the use of a natty hinged design the box opens in two directions. On one side there is a CD on the other there is a little card with the word “celebrate” emblazoned across it. You may or may not be able to make out the words GO and WATCH

The Invitation section of the box

The CD section of the box

The CD has the same video as the one on YouTube Which I have embedded below:

So what is this all for? Well according to the “Celebrate” card:

As a top UK creative we’re inviting you to the unveiling of Adobe’s revolutionary new standard in creative software that promises to transform the way you work – forever.

Sounds intriguing – could this be a new piece of software? does this mean they have a solution to the old “workflow” issue?? Or is it something more obvious. To be honest I’m not entirely sure – Whatever it is, there is going to be a big noise about it.

It also details the venue, date and how to RSVP. So I’m assuming that if you want to come and you’re in the UK you’ll need to head over to the site and submit your details to see if you can get sent “The Box”

Mike Jones