Is it me or is there something onomatopoeic about some of Adobe’s newer naming conventions? First we have RIA (Rich Internet Applications) – admittedly this was a Macromedia creation. Now we have AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime). Was there a sale on fonts by the characters :p

On the more humorous side it could all get a bit “Peter piper picked a…” if you’re not too careful when explaining these concepts / technologies to clients. I mean how many may get caught out trying to use “…Adobe Integrated Runtime for Rich Internet Application development…”.

Perhaps this will become the new word game when client meetings start to drag, someone can try and innocently slip it into the conversation and try to:

  1. avoid befuddling the client totally
  2. avoid bursting out laughing
  3. and more importantly, avoid geting fired :p

Just a thought – coffee time

Mike Jones

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  1. I thought of the RIA/AIR mirrored acronym a couple weeks ago and wondered when someone else would mention it.

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