Parallels 3.0 released

For those on an Intel Mac the latest version of Parallels has been released.

Highlights are better integration with non-Windows guest OS’s (i.e. Linux). More importantly though, this version provides hardware acceleration (both OpenGL and DirectX 8.1) under Windows 2000/XP/Vista. So those of us who jump the Microsoft Windows camp and still needs a bit of a gaming fix, it appears version 3.0 is going some way to allow this.

Now let’s see how VMWare’s Fusion shapes up once that is finally released. Perhaps this is the beginning of a move by software developers to capture the new “Mac-dows” market as more people migrate to Apple’s platform.

I personally need quite a few configurations for testing etc, but find that OSX is my preferred day-to-day development platform – for ease of use and, of course the big one, stability – even if that may only be perceived :p So the improvements in Parallels 3.0 are a big step in teh right direction, for me at least :D

Mike Jones