Adobe Freelance Program

Do you see yourself as a budding presenter? Do you enjoy explaining and demonstrating how your favourite software tools are used to your colleagues and friends? Could you enthuse and inspire a room full of people about a particular product.

Well if the answers are all yes and products are made by Adobe you might be who they are looking for to join the Adobe Freelance program. The perks are great and if you want to hone your presenting skills or just add to your professional skill set.

In case you were wondering about the marketing nature of my spiel, yes I am a member of the Adobe Freelance Program and if you think you would like to try out too just drop me a comment with the following:

Email Address
Contact Number
A brief paragraph about why you think you would be great as a member.

Don’t worry about putting all of that information in the comments below. They are moderated and won’t be made public. I’ll pass them on to the relevant people in Adobe who deal with the program and if they think you’ve got what it takes they’ll get in contact to arrange a brief interview and demonstration.

Location wise I’ve been informed that the program is active in the US, UK and Germany

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Mike Jones


  1. hey Mike, it was great seeing you at MAX! Hope you had a safe trip back.

    Was interested to hear about that Adobe Freelance Program, have you got a contact person I can get in touch with? Looks like they don’t have the program in place in the Benelux but might still be worth getting in touch as I’m over in the UK quite a bit.

    Take care,

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