Is Adobe’s MXNA broken?

Am I the only one who has to manually ping the MXNA to get posts to appear? I only ask as I’d be interested to find out if anyone else is having issues. Maybe it is a geographic thing (I’m in the UK). I have noticed that sometimes the post appears some 12-18 hours after it is posted. I mailed Danny T at Adobe and he thought any issues had been resolved, unfortunately it doesn’t look like it.

It’s not a real issue, but it would be nice to be automated again :p

If you are having issues too feel free to pop a comment below.

[UPDATE 2007/07/30] It appears that MXNA is back to normal now and my posts are filtering through A-OK. So if you were, like me having issues. I’d suggest trying it again and seeing if it is operating as expected for you too.

Mike Jones


  1. last month 2 posts i made never went into the aggregator… so this month i pinged. so Im guessing its happening to me too.

  2. I don’t need to ping MXNA, I’m in the UK and it just works (within a few minutes most of the time).
    Have you checked your server logs to see if the MXNA spider (which has a distinctive user-agent) is triggering an error or something ? Could your RSS feed be corrupt (run it through a checker) ?

  3. JD, I fully understand. It was more a point of interest to see if others were having issues too. I don’t mind manually pinging the service, but I’d prefer to auto-pilot instead :D


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