Kuler… What’s in a name?

Ok, I’m not really looking for a deep explanation of what Kuler means. However I was thinking about it’s pronunciation. I mean in true “Web 2.0” stylee I suspect it was meant to be pronounced “Color” or “kuhl-er” to attempt the phonetic. However with the absence of that extra “L” it seems to have given rise to it being pronounced as “koo-ler” or in a more direct comparison of spelling to pronunciation, “ruler”.

I’ve heard Adobe employees pronounce it as “koo-ler” so I thought I’d find out which is correct (if there is indeed a correct way, or necessity to have one more correct than the other).

So “Color” or “Cooler”. I like it either way, although I do tend to pronounce it as “Cooler”.

Mike Jones


  1. There was a big thread on this somewhere. It has to be “Cooler”, no? There’s not an English dialect that would pronounce it “Color” that I can think of, that’s assuming like their other products they are using English to name it. Either way the site is…. down :(

  2. I know what you mean Rich, however if you go a bit lateral in your thinking and check the phonetic spelling of colour / color it is written kuhl-er. I personally think it is a pretty big leap to expect people to refer to it as color though.

    Either way, you’re right. It is still down :p

  3. Greetings from the kuler team! As you suspected, the name is pronounced “cool-er.” The site is working now, we had a technical hiccup. Thanks for the post! Sami

  4. Hi Sami, thanks for clearing that up. I thought that was the case with the pronunciation :D

    Cool app BTW

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