MAX Barcelona – No excuses

Time is creeping on and MAX Barcelona (October 15-18) is getting nearer and nearer. For those of you who were thinking of going but thought the entry price was a bit too steep this is for you.

Adobe have kindly sent me a promo code to get the 3 day pass for only €500 (plus 16% tax) which I believe is about €300 off the original price. For all my UK buddies who can’t do the Math on the conversion from Euros to Sterling it’s approx. £340 (plus the tax).

To my mind this is a steal. Even the original ticket pricing was a bargain and this just sends it over the top on the value stakes. Now a few things you need to know:

The offer is only valid until September 14th 2007 (so 2 weeks)
The code is: ECM297
The URL to book them is: MAX Barcelona 2007

You shouldn’t be reading this far down as you should be on the site booking tickets :p and for those interested yes I will be there propping up a bar taking in the view :D

(Andrew Shorten European Platform Evangelist for Adobe has more info here).

See you all in Barcelona in October

Mike Jones