Mozy on OS X has been updated

A little off topic, but I really like Mozy. For those who’ve never heard of it / them. This is another of those online back up services. The really great thing that separates them from the rest of this crowd is that they:

  1. Support Mac OS X with an actual desktop client – not some crappy web browser solution
  2. You get 1GB 2GB of space for free – no fee whatsoever (so up until last week more space than Apple charged $$$ for)
  3. If you do sign up it’s only $4.95 a month for UNLIMITED storage (and I do mean unlimited :p)
  4. It is encrypted from your desktop to the server and back again
  5. It has just been updated on the Mac and is even better than before (and it’s also Windows compatible too)

Before you ask, no I don’t have any professional dealings with them. I just wanted to let new Mac users know that there is a pretty good cost effect online back up solution out there. However if anyone from Mozy does read this I could always do with a longer subscription :p

Check them out here

Mike Jones


  1. Thanks for the post, I’ve been looking for a decent online backup solution for ages, this might just do the trick…

  2. Keith, if you start a back up it automatically downloads it in the background and installs itself. That’s how I spotted that they had updated it as the icon has changed :)

  3. I used Mozy but have now switched to Jungledisk with amazon storage. It’s mega cheap, in August I paid $ 2.65 for an uploaded total of 14GB. Can’t beat it.

  4. I have been thinking of getting a Mac laptop and was wondering how well Mozy worked with them. I use it on a Windows machine now, but I have heard bad things about Mozy and Mac’s. Have you had any problems with Mozy crashing or using lots of resources?

  5. @LGR, Mozy is still in “beta” on OS X so it isn’t as stable as the Windows version. Also since I upgraded to Leopard I’ve had quite a few issues with it. I contacted their support and they informed me that there would be an updated version for Mac within 2 weeks (so anytime now).

    However they do need to sort out the whole connection error problem, where it just fails to connect and the only proper way of getting it to reconnect is to uninstall the entire app and reinstall. saying that though it does back stuff up, even if it is in a slightly ad-hoc manner

    I have an UNLIMITED account so I actually pay for the service and it hasn’t got to the point where I cry foul and demand a refund for a below par service.

    Don’t let this put you off though. If Mozy isn’t your bag, you get Time Machine included with Leopard (which comes as standard now on all Macs) so hook up an external drive and get that to do your backups locally. While there is a lot to be said for “off-site” storage. Most of these “web based” solutions are pretty much the same – speed, service and price wise once you look into what your requirements are.

    Once Mozy releae this new version I’ll update this post

  6. Just checked my installation and there has indeed been an update. The Mac Mozy client is now on and it uploaded 1.5GB from my machine yesterday. So it does appear to be working, but as I have mentioned earlier it still seems to be a bit “hit and miss”

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