Tonight LFPug – Flex development in 60 minutes.

Has he gone mad I hear you say. He did say 60 minutes. Yes 60 minutes to develop an application. This is the talk / participatory presentation I will be giving at the London Flash Platform user group tonight.

Obviously in the true style of Blue Peter there will be a bit of prep and code for the talk is available for download before hand (see links at the bottom of this post).

However the point of the talk is not to stand and lecture on how you can build better faster applications in Flex 2, nor is it to watch me type for an hour! It’s to allow those who like the idea of Flex get involved and have a go as well. So if you have a laptop, a copy of Flex Builder 2 (or the beta of Flex Builder 3) and want to join in this is for you. If you don’t then don’t worry, participation is not mandatory.

What are we going to make… Well let’s keep that a surprise.

Project files for Flex Builder 2
Project files for Flex Builder 3

Once you have downloaded the zip just import it into Flex Builder using the following steps:

  1. Right click in the Navigator pane (top left hand side)
  2. Select Import (or File > Import)
  3. Choose General > Existing Projects into Workspace from the dialog that opens
  4. Choose the “Select archive file” option and browse to the zip file
  5. Follow the prompts
  6. That’s it

Mike Jones


  1. I got a null main application, and I want some instruction of that demo

  2. Hi Albert, I’m not quite sure I follow. However as I haven’t given the talk yet the project files that can be downloaded are just the assets and an empty default application file. Once I have done the talk tonight I will post up the notes and the complete source.

    I hope that covers off your issues. If not let me know and I’ll see if I can assist further.

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