Doesn’t anyone QA these days?

Back from holiday I decided I’d pop along to the Adobe Creative License seminar in London on Monday (17th September). So I hit the site, registered, and on completion it produced a cool page with my ticket details plus some coupons for the prize draws (which you cut off and hand in after each session). It then asks you to print this out and bring it along when you arrive. The reason is that they have an individual bar code generated for each of the three sessions you have picked that gets scanned prior to entry. Cool so far.

Now to just print this… Oh dear, it appears someone didn’t check this prior to launching it. It seems that on my HP 1022nw B/W Laserjet (a pretty common printer) the nice looking form is too big. In fact the bar codes on the prize draw entries get cut off so that makes them totally useless. So now I’m going to have to either grab the image and resize it (this is the easiest option) or try and get my Mac and printer to play “margin friendly” so I can get the whole thing altogether.

Anyway enough of this as it is starting to get rant-y :p. It’s not a real biggy but it would have been nice if someone had at least checked it once :s. Off to the printer then more BioShock :D

Those of you going on Monday – I’ll see you there.

Mike Jones

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  1. I wish each page on the website had a feedback route, myself. But if there were such a thing, then the following info could help the owner try to see the problem too: page; format (HTML? PDF?); browser (brand/OS/version); and printer info. (The site owner would know the first two, but we in weblogs don’t.)

    If you could drop off a piece of paper with the above info when you attend the conference, then the staff at the front desk could ferry it to the page owner, reducing the chance we’d see such a problem again, thanks.


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