MXML is Magic – Fact!

This one has made me laugh for quite a few weeks now and just goes to show that a little mischief can go a long way. I, like many others, use Wikipedia for quick reference look ups and a while back I wondered what it had on Flash, Flex and AIR so I hopped over there and had a look (as it happens it has quite a bit but could benefit from more input from the community ;P). The one entry that did make me burst out laughing though was that of MXML.

It appears that MXML is nothing more that pure magic! According to Wikipedia MXML (a backronym) and I quote

Adobe (who acquired Macromedia in December 2005) gives no official meaning for the acronym, but some developers suggest it should stand for “Magic eXtensible Markup Language”

To my mind this is a classic. I am sure the more diligent and those with a lacking in humour will undoubtedly change it but for the time being it makes me giggle every time I read it.

For prosperity I also took a grab…

MXML according to Wikipedia

Mike Jones

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