Flash on the Beach ’07 – Pre-session Source

For all of you who are interested in attending my session at Flash on the Beach next week – “Flex Application Development – Done in 60 minutes “. I have uploaded the source material you’ll need to download prior to it. For those of you who haven’t read the session details here is a quick recap

“…the point of this session is not to stand and lecture on how to build applications in Flex (or to have you all watch me type for an hour and say nothing), but to get you to join in.

So if you have a notebook, a copy of the beta of Flex Builder 3 – just in case we have time for some AIR madness too :) – and you want to try Flex first hand and actually create something. Then this is for you.”

So to reiterate, you will need to make sure you have the following:

  • A laptop / notebook (kind of important this one :p)
  • The latest build of Flex Builder 3.0 (grab that here)
  • The above mentioned source files (grab those here)
  • A hang-over (this one is not mandatory)

As the session description indicates, this is a participatory talk. You can just come along and listen. However, you are going to get more out of it if you have the items above with you. If you’re wondering who this session is aimed at it is pretty much everyone who wants to get into Flex, more from a developer than a designer view point. However saying that the ease in which we will create the application should be achievable by either discipline.

Regarding laptops/ notebooks. I doubt there will be and power supplies so make sure your machine has enough battery power for at least 60 minutes (to be on the safe side try and make sure it is fully charged).

Mike Jones