Safari 3 Beta and Adobe CS3 Gotcha

This one caught me out. I’d installed the latest beta of Safari 3 for Mac OS X a few weeks back to do some testing with the alpha of ecto 3 and thought nothing more of it. Then the other day I got a copy of Adobe CS3 Master collection and proceeded to install it on my MacBook Pro. However when it asked for the second disk it all went horribly wrong. The dialog that allows you to continue fail to render any button to click (i.e. Cancel and OK). So I was stuck staring at a blank dialog and nowhere to go.

Finally I bombed it out and tried again. When this failed at the same point I resorted to a quick Google and lo and behold I found the following solution (Adobe have it on their site – but I can’t find it again, handy that :p):

The crux of it are the following: If you have Safari 3 beta installed it screws up the dialog that allows you to continue installing from disk 2 (Although Adobe do state that this may not affect everyone on a Mac with the SAfari 3 beta installed).

The solution? See below:

  • Uninstall the Safari 3 beta (If you still have the DMG it came in there is an uninstaller inside it. If not download the DMG again from Apple and use the uninstaller in that one).
  • Reboot your machine
  • Start your CS3 Master Suite installation (everything should go A-OK now)
  • Reinstall Safari 3 beta (It’s up to you if you want to do this :p)

It’s a bit of a pain really, but Adobe do say that they are working with Apple to resolve this, and in all honesty Safari 3 is beta so you get what you pay for, so to speak.

Mike Jones

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  1. Ah, I’ve been looking for this solution! I got really wound up when all I got was a dialogue box and nowhere to go!

    Thank you!

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