Flash on the Beach ’07 – Session reminder

In case any of you who are coming to Flash on the Beach next week and are going to attend my session. If you wish to actually participate you will need to download the pre-session source files. You can either grab them here or via a link on my session page on the Flash on the Beach site.

So just to recap this again :p. You will need to make sure you have the following:

  • A laptop / notebook (kind of important this one :p)
  • The latest build of Flex Builder 3.0 (grab that here)
  • The above mentioned source files (grab those here)

See you all at FotB ’07

Mike Jones


  1. Hi Mike!

    Was wondering if you have the post-session files available somewhere as well? Thanks alot!

    Cheers, Ali

  2. Hi Ali, I will be posting up the session files (plus additional material this week-end (17th-18th Novemeber).

    I’ll add a post as well, so everyone who attended knows that they have been uploaded


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