Flex Builder 2 New pricing

Well today is November 1st so that means the new pricing for Flex Builder 2 will kick in today (by the looks of it not until the West Coast wakes up – UPDATE please see Mike Potter’s comments below). For those of you still “umming and aarring” over whether to move from playing with the demo and buying a licensed copy of Flex Builder 2 then today may be your lucky day.

From Ryan Stewart’s post:

New Flex Builder 2 Pricing

Starting on November 1, 2007, Adobe will be re-pricing Flex Builder 2 to align with the new Flex Builder 3 pricing, so you will be able to purchase Flex Builder 2 for only $249 US and Flex Builder 2 with Charting for only $699 US.

So if we just replace the $ with a £ that will be £249 and £699 then for us in the UK :p. Only kidding, Allowing for exchange rate fluctuations that would make the price around £125 / €179 for Flex Builder 2 standard and £340 / €490 for Flex Builder 2 with Charting (the non dollar prices detailed here are just my conversions and not representative of Adobe’s official pricing)

Ryan also details the Flex Builder 3 pricing for both new licenses and upgrades:

Adobe Flexâ„¢ Builderâ„¢ 3 Standard Edition – $249
Adobe Flexâ„¢ Builderâ„¢ 3 Professional Edition $699

Flex Builder 3 Professional Edition adds the following feature:

  • Data visualization and charting components
  • Memory and performance profilers
  • Flex test automation framework

Upgrade Pricing:

  • Flex Builder 2 to Flex Builder 3 Standard Upgrade – $99 US
  • Flex Builder 2 with Charting to Flex Builder 3 Professional Upgrade – $299 US
  • Trade-up from FB Standard to FB Professional – $499 US

So pretty cool savings all around. Roll on the official release of Flex Builder 3.

Mike Jones


  1. Please note that the online store actually won’t have updated pricing until next Thursday. We’ll be posting a blog entry about it later today, but those who purchase now will get the money refunded to them. That’s why the new price isn’t showing up yet.


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