Leopard Issues – A solution, for me anyway.

After my rant the other day about Leopard and my continued re-installation cycle I seem to have lucked upon a solution (well for me anyway). So until Apple fix all the issues a vast amount of us are having here’s what I have done to alleviate the pain.

Firstly I have disabled Spotlight from indexing ANYTHING. This seems to be a bit drastic, but it pretty much stopped 90% of my issues straight off the bat. Secondly, I have disabled anything to do with iDisk or .mac (including mail accounts). This seems to have restored the stability and calm I was used to with Tiger. I have yet (touch wood) had a single lock up or crash since doing this.

So for all of you out there still having problems try this, YMMV but it might just sort it out. Now I can get back to developing…

Mike Jones