Can a Leopard change its spots for stripes?

Well I finally bit the bullet and reverted back to Tiger as my Leopard installs (all 6 of them) eventually went south. I’ve even go so far as to go back to the Apple store and got them to replace the DVD. However this proved fruitless. My poor MacBook Pro seems to be suffering from the “AdditionalSpeechVoices” issue.

Anyway, I’m back on Tiger and happy to be there, missing Spaces a bit, but missing Ruby / Rails etc more, oh well time to roll my own I suppose.

Mike Jones


  1. Thanks for that Aral.

    Funnily enough, since I posted this I did a hardware test on my MacBook Pro and discovered that one of the ram modules was bad. On removing that I had no issue installing Leopard (or stability issues once installed). So I’m back to using the built in RoR support combined with MAMP.

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