Back to the old skool!

This week I decided to get a bit old skool and dropped back into IRC, after a rather long hiatus. I personally like IRC more than mailing lists because of the immediacy. Although being in the UK the channels are generally a bit on the quiet side until mid afternoon

For those who use, or have used IRC there is a pretty good Flex channel over on If you want to join in grab an IRC client (I use Colloquy on OS X, mIRC for Windows is excellent too)

For the Flexers / ActionScript 3.0 devs out there, they have #flex (IRC link for ease). Those of you who are interested in AIR there is a channel for you too, (although it is a bit quiet at the moment): #air. And for Flashers, they also have #flash (Not seen any AS 3.0 stuff in here so it may be primarily AS 2.0 – I could be wrong though).

There is also an #actionscript channel on EfNet which is pretty active.

Hopefully catch some of you in there for chat :)

Mike Jones