Flash Media Rights Management Server – Adobe does DRM?

Adobe announce that they have a new addition to the Flash Media Server family. Content owners can use FMRMS to encrypt FLV and F4V audio / video files that are downloaded and played locally — and then sets policies for their access.

This means that media broadcasters could potentially set the access requirements and expiration flags of content that is being streamed both on request, but more importantly dynamically after the file has been distributed. Obviously this gives Adobe Media Player (AMP) a more level playing field against Quicktime and Windows Media Player as it will now support this rights management

“Adobe Flash technology pioneered the delivery of rich engaging Web video experiences and has enabled millions of users to quickly and easily view high-quality content,” said Jim Guerard, vice president of Dynamic Media at Adobe. “The new capabilities in Flash Media Rights Management Server provide media publishers with the option to help control and protect their unique media assets and hopes to bring even more great content online and to the desktop.”

Adobe Flash Media Rights Management Server integrates with Adobe AIR, a revolutionary cross-operating system runtime that brings rich Internet applications to the desktop, and Adobe Media Player, the first broad consumer application from Adobe built to run on Adobe AIR.

You can read the full release here

Mike Jones