Nokia N95 Firmware update = Flash Lite 3.0

I don’t do a huge amount of Flash Lite work. However when my good friend Dave Williamson pinged me on MSN yesterday and informed me that he had just flashed his Nokia N95 to the latest firmware, which resulted in the Flash Lite player getting updated to version 3.0; I thought to myself that perhaps it was time to update my Nokia N95 as I hadn’t done a firmware update for at least 6 months.

For those who want to have a go themselves here are the relevant links and instructions. Remember though, firmware updates are potential opportunities to ‘brick’ your hardware. So read the steps, re-read them, print out anything you need prior to starting this and make sure that your phone is fully charged and securely connected to the USB data cable. If you ‘brick’ it you have been warned and I accept no responsibility.

First things first, you need to head over to this page and grab a copy of the latest version of Nemesis Service Suite. This will allow you to update the country product code – as some ‘badged’ phones will not update to the latest firmware if you don’t alter the code – this is generally for no real reason. However if you are unsure about doing this STOP RIGHT HERE.

Once you have Nemesis installed head over to the Nokia Blog and follow the step by step procedure to flash your Nokia N95. One thing to note is that the download link for the Nokia Software Updater is invalid. You can download it from the European Nokia site here.

Once you’ve got both bits of software installed you are ready to ‘rock n roll’. The whole process takes about 10 minutes once the firmware update starts, so not too long.

A quick side note for those N95 owners who use a Mac. The Nokia Software Updater is a windows only piece of software so you only have a few options.

  1. Stick with the current firmware and pretend you have Flash Lite 3.0
  2. Find a friend who was a PC and install all of this stuff on it and flash your phone (not ideal)
  3. Boot camp your Mac and load up windows (if you don’t already have a boot camp partition this can seem a bit excessive – I don’t)
  4. Use a virtual machine like VMWare Fusion* and flash it via a virtual version of Windows (This is what I did)

* I didn’t test it via Parallels as I don’t use it anymore due to the massive CPU and RAM load it has. Plus the last time I tried it the virtual USB interface failed to recognize that the N95 was connected. It may work now, but as I said, I haven’t tested it.

A note for UK Nokia N95 users, I have a T-Mobile N95 (revision 1.0) so I used the EURO 1 – PLUM product code which is 0536062. There is a complete list below the firmware update process on the Nokia Blog, if you’re not sure which one to use I’d suggest a quick google – alternatively have a read of the Nokia Blog. :)


Mike Jones

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