It’s a kinda Magic (XML)

Following on from my tongue-in-cheek post a few months back about MXML standing for Magic Extensible Markup Language (according to Wikipedia anyway). It appears that some people are actually putting it in there presentations and service offerings.

I found this in a PDF presentation

RIA Technologies

Browser Launched

  • Adobe Flash/Flex
  • Flash is the runtime environment
  • Flex is a RIA framework
  • Actionscript and MXML (Magic XML)

And a small development company offering services creating application using Magic XML…

Flex applications

Starting today XXXXX offers its clients development of Flex web applications based on MXML (“Magic eXtensible Markup Language”) and ActionScript program language.

If you are still wondering, MXML doesn’t officially stand for anything. However the sensible bet is that it was likely born out of the fact that Macromedia defined the XML namespace and therefore the “M” probably represents Macromedia.

The moral of the story is, don’t believe everything you read on the net. Even if it is on Wikipedia (or this blog for that matter :p)

Mike Jones

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  1. I say adobe should embrace Magic XML! Sounds wicked! (…at least I’d finally have an excuse for wearing this cape and cone hat at work ;) )

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