Flash on the Beach ’08 – A few surprises

For those who aren’t coming to Flash on the Beach 08 shame on you! I’m only joking, I’m sure you’ll all be there :P. For the FotB faithful you will already know that there is a new speaker / attendee hotel this year – myHotel Brighton (I know not a particularly catchy name). However I was out having lunch yesterday with John Davey (founder and organiser of Flash on the Beach). John and I have been good friends for a very long time now but we don’t get the time to meet up that often due to various commitments. So most of our get togethers are last minute – hence yesterdays luncheon.

While we looked for a place to eat the bulk of our conversation was about photography as both John and I are pretty keen photographers, so we discussed tripods, lenses, straps; even filters (cue gratuitous camera pr0n). That said once we actually decided on where to eat and were seated, the conversation turned to FotB ’08 and top of my list was the new hotel. Now I suspect those who have seen the pictures can’t help but notice the slightly stark, some may say, sterile exterior. John put me straight on this. the photos really don’t do it justice and it is a fantastic building and the interior is “very cool” to coin a phrase.

On top of this cool surrounding there is wifi available throughout the hotel (that actually works) and the rumour is that the bar is 24 hour for guests (I’ve yet to find hard evidence though). In the rooms there is an integrated sound system so you can just plug your iPod / iPhone in and it will be piped through out the room. Flat panel TV’s to aid relaxation (read in to that what you will :p) and a mini bar!!! Plus the restaurant is run by Aldo Zilli for you fish lovers out there. The best bit is that it’s literally in spitting distance of the Dome theatre

Now on to the secrets – well there isn’t going to much to tell as they’re secret. However let me just say that it is VERY cool and I’m personally very exited about what John has up his sleeves. My secret, well that’s not as big, but I’m pretty stoked by it and hopefully you will be too when I can talk about it.

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Roll on September!!!!

Mike Jones

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